Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Inc.

Compensation and Data Analytics

The Compensation and Data Analytics Department is responsible for gathering and organizing data from various sources to provide analysis, forecasting and accurate costing to health sector employers and the Ministry of Health.

Compensation and Data Analytics also supports the following:

  • Research and costing to support the collective bargaining process.
  • Reconciliation of data in support of Classification and Job Evaluation Programs.
  • Wage and benefits research and Western Canadian comparator analysis.
  • Comparative data to support the Market Supplement Program.
  • Compilation of out-of-scope data for the Out-of-Scope Compensation Programs.
  • Benefit Plan and non-wage monetary costing.  
  • Professional fee research and costing.

In addition, the department also participates in various wage compensation surveys as well as generating ad hoc, monthly and annual reports related to health human resource topics.