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Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team:

Kelly Miner, Director, SAHO

Kelly Miner
Chief Executive Officer, SAHO

Kelly brings extensive labour relations experience as Chief Executive Officer of SAHO, having worked in the labour relations field for over 25 years. Her vision and executive leadership skills have been integral to developing strong relationships between employers, the Ministry of Health, and the many diverse labour unions across the provincial healthcare system.  

Kelly has led SAHO through several rounds of collective bargaining and continues to see further growth and development of SAHO's programming in classification and job evaluation, out-of-scope classifications, and compensation and data analytics.    

Before joining SAHO, Kelly served as the Director of Labour Relations for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, which provided her with keen insight into the working relationship between employers and healthcare unions. She also garnered a broad spectrum of labour relations and administrative experience while fulfilling her role as the Senior Industrial Relations Officer and interim Registrar at the Labour Relations Board.  

Kelly enjoys fishing at any of Saskatchewan's spectacular Northern lakes, traveling across Canada, and exploring our country's beauty. She enjoys baking, which proves to be a popular pastime that family, friends, and neighbours enjoy. However, Kelly believes one of her most active pursuits may be simply keeping up with her three adult daughters. 

Mark Brochu, Director, SAHO

Mark Brochu
Director of Bargaining and Interpretation, SAHO

Mark brings a strong background in labour relations with over 20 years of experience in the field. He also holds his Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Mark leads a team of Bargaining and Interpretation Specialists in ensuring the consistent interpretation and application of multiple provincial collective agreements. His comprehensive understanding of the provincial healthcare system lends itself to a strategic solution-based approach to negotiations. Mark prioritizes fostering positive working relationships and building long-term rapport within the labour relations environment.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, darts, and spending time with family.

Marianne Didowycz , Director, SAHO

Marianne Didowycz
Director of Classification and Job Evaluation, SAHO

Marianne Didowycz is SAHO’s Director, Classification and Job Evaluation. With over 20 years of experience, Marianne has amassed extensive knowledge of the Government of Saskatchewan Policy Framework, Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value and Pay Equity and its application in both the unionized and non-unionized provincial healthcare labour relations environment.

Marianne has a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the program and its support of SAHO’s bargaining directive, compensation cost modelling, market supplement program, and legal arbitrations. 

Marianne leads a team of skilled professionals in developing strategic policies and programs and is passionate about collaboration and teamwork. She works to build strong relationships across the health system.

You will most likely find Marianne skiing, hiking, traveling, or spending time with family and friends outside of work.

Kent Seidler B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Finance
Director of Compensation, Data Analytics and Corporate Services , SAHO

Kent Seidler is SAHO’s Director of Compensation, Data Analytics, and Corporate Services. Kent holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Regina.

Kent recently celebrated having worked at SAHO for 15 years. In that time, Kent’s leadership has supported his team in providing quality costing and data analytics to the Ministry of Health, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Affiliate Organizations, 3sHealth and eHealth.

In addition, Kent and his team provide comprehensive and timely costing and data analytics to support the Collective Bargaining process, the Provincial Market Supplement Program, and the Provincial Out-of-Scope Compensation Plan. At a national level, Kent has also established strong working relationships with partner organizations across western Canada which ensures up- to-date salary and comparator data is maintained.  

 Kent enjoys classic cars, movies and hockey when not at work.

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