About Us

About Us

SAHO provides advice, consultation and interpretative services to health employers on a wide range of topics including collective bargaining, labour relations, arbitration, job classification and compensation, as well as market wage supplements to enhance employment recruitment and retention.

Collective Bargaining and Labour Relations

SAHO is responsible for representing the interests of health employers during the collective bargaining process and providing consultation and interpretation services on an ongoing basis. We act as a liaison between employers and the Ministry of Health, the Personnel Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance and the Health Labour Relations Council. SAHO also administers the Provincial Arbitration Committee (PAC) process.

Job Classification/Compensation

SAHO is responsible for administering the provincial Joint Job Evaluation and Classification Programs, which are a province-wide initiatives to objectively and fairly determine the relative value of jobs within the health care sector for both in-scope and out-of-scope classifications. In addition, SAHO administers the education-based classification system utilized for Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) jobs. This includes determining appropriate salaries and pay ranges.

Provincial Market Supplement Program

The SAHO Provincial Market Supplement Program is designed to address and/or retain qualified employees by use of a wage market supplement when workplace initiatives have been unsuccessful in addressing recruitment and retention challenges.

Compensation and Research

Compensation and Research develops costing models in support of collective bargaining, the Market Supplement Program and the Out-of-Scope (OOS) Classification Plan. The department is also responsible for providing background material in a number of areas including cross-provincial rates of compensation within the health sector.