Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Inc.

Provincial Out-of-Scope Employees Terms and Conditions of Employment

Employees are advised to obtain a copy of their Out-of-Scope Terms and Conditions from their health sector employer.

Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) employees should access Out-of-Scope Terms and Conditions from MyConnection.

The revised (2017) Terms and Conditions for Out-of-Scope Employees includes:

  • Amendments to reflect the changes in The Saskatchewan Employment Act.
  • Maternity Leave – reduce the waiting period from two weeks to one week for Employment Insurance.  
  • Travel Allowance added to the Out-of-Scope Terms and Conditions.
  • Change to the Joint Health Human Resources Committee from the Provincial Workforce Planning Committee.

Terms and Conditions of Employment - Out-of-Scope Employees

The purpose of this policy is to establish terms and conditions of employment for out- of-scope employees.

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