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SAHO/SEIU-West Bargaining Update July 3, 2024

SAHO/SEIU-West Bargaining Update July 3, 2024

Since the initial exchange of proposals with SEIU-West in the Fall of 2023, the parties have met for a total of 18 days and continue to meet regularly. During this most recent bargaining session the SAHO bargaining committee tabled a comprehensive response to SEIU -West’s proposal package which included amendments and counter proposals in an effort to move discussions forward.  This work proved to be productive and resulted in the parties reaching agreement on some articles.

This round of collective bargaining is the first opportunity for transition negotiations to recognize the amalgamation of the twelve former Regional Health Authorities into a single provincial health authority as well as addressing important issues for renewal of the collective agreement. SAHO’s proposals are constructed to ensure that employees can optimize their hours, and the employer can create meaningful employment as well as improving flexibility to meet patient needs.

SAHO remains committed to a fair and transparent bargaining process. It is our intent that all employees in over 300 common classifications covered by three (3) collective agreements have equitable opportunities, maintain internal equity for monetary and non-wage monetary terms and conditions and benefit equally in the new single provincial health authority. The SAHO proposal package maintains the integrity of the three provider unions while we seek common solutions to common issues. SAHO and the Provider Unions have a long-recognized practice of negotiating monetary and common issues at a single table.

The opportunity to find alignment and equitable resolutions to transition and monetary issues would be best served by having these discussions with all three (3) provider unions at the same table. SEIU-West and SAHO have discussed transition issues and identified where issues may require joint discussion with CUPE and SGEU.

SAHO believes that having discussions at a single common table would likely assist in moving the negotiations forward in a timelier manner.

The parties have not scheduled dates in July to provide time for bargaining committee members to access vacation. Negotiations will resume August 7 and 8, in Saskatoon. 

Union/SEIU-West July 03, 2024