Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining and Agreements

The Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Inc. (SAHO) has been designated by The Health Labour Relations Reorganization (Commissioner) Regulations as the designated employers’ organization (DEO) with exclusive authority to bargain collectively on behalf of all regional health authority boards, designated affiliates and northern health service units. The employers we represent and the government  have acknowledged and reaffirmed SAHO’s responsibility and are working closely with SAHO in collective bargaining.

The health regions are legally responsible and accountable under The Regional Health Services Act for the provision of safe, quality health services administered in a fiscally responsible manner to the residents of their regions and service areas.

Guiding Principles

To carry out the function of collective bargaining, SAHO, regional health authority boards and designated affiliates will be guided by the following principles: 

  • SAHO is the employers’ bargaining agent and is therefore accountable to regional health authority boards and designated affiliates.
  • Regional health authority boards, designated affiliates and SAHO policy and decision making respecting collective bargaining will ensure the sustainability and integrity of the Dorsey Commission’s regulations.
  • Collective bargaining will support and enhance high quality health service provision to the people of Saskatchewan. 
  • Collective bargaining agreements will enable and support operational flexibility and integration of health services.
  • Collective bargaining and decision making will recognize the diversity, complexity and size of the employee populations.
  • Collective bargaining will be carried out in the context of financial sustainability of the organizations represented by SAHO. Cost management is important and impacts will be discussed with the funding agency throughout the bargaining process. 

For further information and updates on unions and their bargaining status: 

See SAHO’s media releases for more information.