About the Out-of-Scope Classification Plan

About the Out-of-Scope Compensation Plan

The current Out-of-Scope (OOS) Compensation Plan was approved and implemented in January 2011 with subsequent additions/revisions occurring throughout 2011/2012/2013.  Some of the major components of this plan include:

  • Market based pay bands (2015) and (2016)
  • Movement towards standardized conditions of employment including hours of work, sick leave and vacation entitlement, northern benefits, pay at risk plan, professional development, maternity leave top up and other benefits.
  • Health and Lifestyle spending accounts
  • Commitment to a market based policy moving forward

The OOS compensation plan was revised in 2006 and applied principles of pay equity and equal pay for work of equal value.  Market comparators were used in determining pay policy at that time.  

The OOS Compensation Plan has adopted a pay policy of targeting about the 65th percentile of market for its pay bands.  What this means is that 65% of the market comparators are lower than or equal to our pay bands (at max rate) and 35% pay more (at max rate).  Going forward, market analysis will be completed on an annual basis and recommendations made. The OOS compensation plan will retain previously established pay equity principles.