SAHO Disappointed SUN Declares Impasse


SAHO Disappointed SUN Declares Impasse

The Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Inc. (SAHO) has been in negotiations with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) since July, 2015. Negotiations have been productive, until SUN walked away from the bargaining table and declared a bargaining impasse on February 11, 2016.


“SAHO has continued to engage in productive negotiations with SUN. We were disappointed that SUN walked away from the table before we had an opportunity to conclude bargaining and have chosen to declare an impasse to the negotiations,” said Doug Forseth, SAHO CEO.

SUN represents almost 10,000 registered nurses in health regions throughout Saskatchewan. In 2008, SUN received a wage increase of 36%, far surpassing any previous healthcare settlement in the province.

“Results of collective bargaining have a significant impact throughout the system, and SAHO is committed to achieving reasonable and fair collective agreements that are sustainable by a publicly-funded system.” Forseth stated. “We are hopeful that SUN will return to the table to negotiate a collective agreement that works for everyone involved,” Forseth said.

SAHO is a non-profit, non-government association responsible for providing collective bargaining, labour relations and classification/job evaluation services to health regions, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and affiliated agencies throughout the province.


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